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How do I do this?

My requirement is as follows


There will be a button in Account object and when the user clicks on the link a new screen(page) is opened based on a few field values in the account object.


The new page is for a different object(basically different record types  based on the field values in account object)


Should I call a VF page from the button click on the account page to display different values?




Will there be a number of different pages to open depending on the values in the object, or will you direct to a single page?


One way to do this is to direct to a VF page with a page action attribute specified.  Then in the page action, you can retrieve the account information, carry out any special logic and return a reference to the appropriate page.


If its more straightforward than that, you could have a simple custom button that opens the required page.


Thanks Bob_buzzard for replying. The requirement is based on the record type on the account object, load the custom object with a particular record type when a button is pressed on the account object.


I was thinking of calling a VF page on the button press with different record types> May be I am complicating?