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CR/LF in apex:outputField()

I am using apex:outputField(..) with a standard object and display textwith linebreaks. That output reflects the linebreaks nicely.

After that I need to compile a list of data from activities which Ido in a custom object (see code below). That data can only be displayedwith apex:outputText. I made sure that \r\n is in the string (seecode), but it does not break the lines.
In the code you will find that I arteficially entered theseescaped characters and a line before and after ("|\r\n|"). In thedisplay, ist shows some space between those 2 lines. That indicatesthat the \r\n are not suppressed, but not used in apex:outputText. Ialso tried to arteficially use </br>, but that is printed ratherthan uased as HTML break.
How do I get linebreaks in apex:outputText ??

Thanks for your help.

-------------- 8< cut! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
VF page:

<apex:page tabstyle="Case" controller="Report1"
standardStylesheets="false" showHeader="false">
<apex:stylesheet value="{!URLFOR($Resource.printstyles, 'printstyles.css')}" />

<apex:pageBlock title="Zwischenbericht ({!Case.CaseNumber})" mode="detail" id="pageblock">
<apex:pageMessages />

<div id="massfields">
<div id="masssection">
<div id="masslabel"><apex:outputLabel for="descr" value="Bemerkung" /></div>
<div id="massline"><apex:outputField value="{!case.Description}" id="desc" />&nbsp;</div>
<!-- ^^^ This output shows new lines as wanted -->

<apex:pageblockSection title="Aktivitäten">
<apex:repeat value="{!kontaktInfo}" var="kontakt" id="task">
<div id="activitydescription"><apex:outputTextvalue="{!kontakt.Description}" />&nbsp;</div>
<!-- ^^^ This output DOS NOT show new lines as wanted -->



public with sharing class Report1 {

private Case locCase;
private List<Involvierte_Partei__c> invParty;
private BOKontaktInfoLister kontaktlist;

public Report1(){

String id = ApexPages.currentPage().getParameters().get('id');


public Report1(String id){

private void buildDataStructure(String id){

locCase = [..];
kontaktList = new BOKontaktInfoLister(id);


public Case getCase(){
return locCase;

public List<DOKontakt> getKontaktInfo(){
return kontaktList.getKontaktInfo();



public class BOKontaktInfoLister{

private List<Task> tasks;
private List<Event> events;
private List<DOKontaktInfo> kontaktList; //DOKontaktInfo is just a DataObject

public BOKontaktInfoLister(String id){

kontaktList = new List<DOKontaktInfo>();

tasks = [Select t.ActivityDate, t.Account.PersonMobilePhone,t.Account.PersonHomePhone, t.Subject, t.Id, t.Description From Task twhere t.What.Id = :Id order by t.ActivityDate asc];

events = [select e.ActivityDate, e.Account.PersonHomePhone,e.Account.PersonMobilePhone, e.Subject, e.Id, e.Description From Evente where e.What.Id = :Id order by e.ActivityDate];

for(Integer i = 0; i< tasks.size(); i++){
DOKontakt kon = new DOKontakt();
kon.id = tasks[i].Id;
//kon.description = tasks[i].Description; // real statement
kon.description = 'Line1\r\n</br>Line2'; // this is just mytest to be sure that I have line breaks in the text

for(Integer i = 0; i< events.size(); i++){
DOKontakt kon = new DOKontakt();
kon.id = events[i].Id;
//kon.description = events[i].Description; // real statement
kon.description = 'Line1|\r\n|Line2'; // this is just my test to be sure that I have line breaks in the text


public List<DOKontakt> getKontaktInfo(){
return kontaktList;



public class DOKontakt{
public String id;
public Date activityDate;
public String subject;
public String name;
public String privPhone;
public String mobPhone;
public String description;

public String getId(){
return id;

public Date getActivityDate(){
return activityDate;

public String getSubject(){
return subject;

public String getName(){
return name;

public String getPrivPhone(){
return privPhone;

public String getMobPhone(){
return mobPhone;

public String getDescription(){
return description;


You should use <BR/>, as the you need the browser to generate the line break.


When you use outputText there is an attribute called escape - if you set that to true then you should get your line break. 


This is not working when i export the data into csv file.

how to make work CR+LF when exporting csv