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why my VF pages load very slowly

Hi, I have created the tabbed opportunity page and used it to override the "view" button, but it takes more than 15 seconds to open an opportunity.


Same happening to one of my custom object. I used a VF page to override the view button, and it takes long time to load.


When I reset the override, the normal pagelout can be loaded very fast(within 2-3 seconds).


What could be the reason? I have a lot of conditional render in my page, eg:



<apex:tab label="Approval History" name="Approval History" id="tabapprovalhis" rendered="{!$Profile.Id='00e00000xxx'||$Profile.Id='00e000000xxx'||$Profile.Id='00e0000xxx'||$Profile.Id='00e0xx'||$Profile.Id='00exxx'||$Profile.Id='00e000xxx'||$Profile.Id='00e0000xxx'||$Profile.Id='00e00xxx'||$Profile.Id='00e00xxx'||$Profile.Id='00e00xxxx'||$Profile.Id='00e00xx'||$Profile.Id='00exx'||$Profile.Id='00e00000xxx'||$Profile.Id='00e000xxx'}" > <apex:relatedList subject="{!opportunity}" list="ProcessSteps" /> </apex:tab> Page for custom object: <apex:outputText value="PS " style="font-weight:bold" rendered="{!not(isnull(LOA_Approval__c.PS_proposed_price__c))}" /> <apex:outputField value="{!LOA_Approval__c.payment_on_PO_ps__c}" rendered="{!not(isnull(LOA_Approval__c.PS_proposed_price__c))}" /> <apex:outputField value="{!LOA_Approval__c.payment_on_Delivery_ps__c}" rendered="{!not(isnull(LOA_Approval__c.PS_proposed_price__c))}" /> <apex:outputField value="{!LOA_Approval__c.payment_on_Installation_Complete_ps__c}" rendered="{!not(isnull(LOA_Approval__c.PS_proposed_price__c))}" /> <apex:outputField value="{!LOA_Approval__c.payment_on_Product_Acceptance_ps__c}" rendered="{!not(isnull(LOA_Approval__c.PS_proposed_price__c))}" />


 What is the best way to optimize the load speed?





I used firebug to check, and here is the result:


  63 requests, 728KB, 27.29s(onload:26.58s)


Is this normal?






This might not be any part of your problem, but I noticed the same issue, specifically when I, the system admin, was logged in.


I had set "Apex Development Mode" to On at some point, although I don't use the little built-in editor. Regardless, it was loading the javascript for that editor every time. Unchecking "Apex Development Mode" makes my VF pages load much more quickly now.