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Page routing based on field input

I'm having trouble finding out if this is even possible, let alone how to go about it. 


I have a VF page built for lead entering by staff that are not Salesforce users. I need to set it up so when they enter a specific field (employee size) for a company, it routes them to different pages based on that field. Thera are 3 different processes based on that, so I need it to go to one of 3 pages when they hit Save.


Any ideas or thoughts would be appreciated. I'm sure there's something I just haven't thought of yet.




I'm assuming you have a controller built for your page.


If so, when your controller actions return, they should be returning something of type pageReference.  So, you can do something like:



public pageReference doSave() {

// Do whatever saving logic you have here, etc.

// ....


// Return to a different apex page depending on employee count.

pageReference p;

if (employeeSize < 10) {

     p = new pageReference('/apex/the_page_for_small_businesses');

else if (employeeSize < 100) {

     p = new pageReference('/apex/the_page_for_medium');

else {

     p = new pageReference('whatever URLs you need for the various processes go here: /apex/the_page_for_large');



return p;



Hope this helps, Steve.

Thanks! I'll give that a shot in the morning.

I've built an extension for this, but I'm getting an error: Error: Compile Error: Comparison arguments must be compatible types: Schema.SObjectField, Integer at line 15 column 5


Here's the code as it stands, any ideas?

public class clubleadSave{ public clubleadSave() { } ApexPages.StandardController controller; public clubleadSave(ApexPages.StandardController con){ controller = con; } public PageReference save() {; // Return to a different apex page depending on employee count. pageReference p; if (Lead.NumberOfEmployees<50) { p = new pageReference('/apex/SmallBusinessProcess'); } else if (Lead.NumberOfEmployees< 250) { p = new pageReference('/apex/MediumBusinessProcess'); }else { p = new pageReference('/apex/LeadSubmitted'); } p.setRedirect(true); return p; } }



How is "Lead" defined in your code?   


I think it's using "Lead.NumberOfEmployees" in the sense of a Field Token as oppposed to what you want which is a field in a local variable.   Look into Describe stuff in Apex.


Somewhere in your code you should have something like:


Lead myLead;

// and perhaps getters and setters

and then use   if (myLead.NumberOfEmployees > 50) ... etc.


Best, Steve.