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White Page is rendered in FireFox when in Developer Mode

I updated my version of firefox to 3.6. 


After the updated I notice a strange behavior on visual force pages while in developer mode. 


When I go to a visual force page for the first time it displays a white screen.  No borders no heading nothing a completely white page. 


I hit refresh then the page displays correctly.  This was not happening in version 3.5 of firefox.  Has anyone else experianced any strange behavior with VF pages in Firefox 3.6


When not on developer mode the page renders correctly.




I don't having any trouble with Developer Mode and FF 3.6 (on a mac).

Have you tried disabling extensions (i.e. greasemonkey, etc) to see if they may be to blame?

I have the same problem in Firefox 3.6, even after disabling all extensions. The Visualforce edit bar appears at the bottom of the page, but nothing in the top pane that would show the Visualforce page contents. Reloading causes the page to display correctly.  I see nothing unusual in the Firefox error console, just the usual warnings about Salesforce pages.
I have the same issue after upgrading 2 different computers to firefox 3.6.  I downgraded them to version 3.5 and I don't have the problem.
Same here.

While I'm not able to reproduce this consistently, I have seen it happen once or twice recently. I've filed a bug on this, and it should be resolved once we officially support FF 3.6. Thanks,




Where can I find a list of officially supported browsers?  This document only says that Firefox version 3.0 is supported.  This referenced doc says that it was last updated on July 11, 2010.  How can we know when you officially support "FF 3.6" ?


I have exactly the same issue that MVJ describes on FF 3.6.17.


Interestingly, I just upgraded to Firefox 4.0.1 and it works fine.