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Implementing Tagging Feature on Custom Object VF Page?

I have custom objects using VF pages where the Tagging feature has been activated but the tagging panel is not available in the VF page but is displayed in the standard SF page. I have not found a solution in the community site and searching on the word "Tagging" unfortunately brings up way too many topics on unrelated html tag issues etc. The SF documentation covers how to implement the functionality but I have not found an example in the context of Apex.


I checked to see if showHeaders="true" is affecting the page but it doesn't appear to be involved.How do I implement the Tagging feature in a VF page? Is there a "true"/"false" attribute setting for example?




I am also looking for the same solution..


Did you find any solution? Please share with me as well.


Account View is overridden with  a VF page which is just  checking some authorization and then simply rendering the standard account detail section for person account record types. Tagging is enabled for all the record type and available on all the standard pages except this VF page.


Appreciate you quick help on this.


Unfortunately I have not received any reply on this issue and due to other pressures I've not had time to research it further. I'm surprised that Salesforce don't have an example documented somewhere. If you find something let us know.