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Collection size 1,609 exceeds maximum size of 1,000.???

Hi How do I get around this error message...

Collection size 1,609 exceeds maximum size of 1,000.



public String cname{get; set;} public List<SelectOption> getnames() { List<SelectOption> options = new List<SelectOption>(); List<Contact> namelist = new List<Contact>(); namelist = [Select Id, Name FROM Contact where'Company' Order by LastName,FirstName]; options.add(new SelectOption('--None--','--None--')); for (Integer j=0;j<namelist.size();j++) { options.add(new SelectOption(namelist[j].Name,namelist[j].Name)); } return options; }



<td> <apex:outputlabel value="Company Names" for="cnamed" /> <apex:selectList value="{!cname}" size="1" id="cnamed"> <apex:actionSupport event="onchange" reRender="newvalue" /> <apex:selectOptions value="{!names}"/> </apex:selectList> </td>

 Thank you



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I have work around for you. Please check: 

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Limit your query further. You don't really want a picklist with 1,609 options in it anyway, do you? That would be almost impossible to use.


Depending on just what you're trying to do here, you could consider, instead of using a picklist, adding a lookup to whatever your main object here is.


I thought the spring '10 release removed the limits on the size of a collection? Can you not access such a collection in your VF page?

VisualForce has its own specific limits.


A set-oriented standard controller can operate on a maximum of 2000 rows.


Collections referenced in other ways from VF pages have a maximum of 1000 rows.




Why not remove this restriction for Visualforce too?


I'm fine with components enforcing size limits, but to keep the collection size limit in any code running in a Visualforce context ... that way lies madness!


We have library code that is called in many contexts (some Visualforce, some API-sourced, etc).  So either we need to (a) pretend the collection size limit remains always, or (b) introduce a bunch of context-sniffing "if" statements into our libraries.


Clearly, (a) is the only choice we really have.  I'm disappointed that I spent time removing hardcoded query limits from our SOQL, and pushed out a release, only to have to re-introduce all of them and apologize to all our customers who are getting the error (and thus will need to upgrade).




Obviously this would be documented somewhere.  (Somewhere other than this thread...)  Can somebody point the way?

@Avrom - can you please reference where this is documented? I can find no reference in the VF developers guide.




Limit of 1,000 - this is documented with the individual components. Do a search in the guide for "1,000" (including the comma) and check results 3-7 to see all of them.


Limit of 2,000 (for SOSC) - sorry, I was incorrect. (The 2,000 limit is for the size of a single page of SOSC results.) The total row limit for SOSC is 10,000.





We're getting this error for arrays that are never bound to any component, which jives with your comment above stating that a maximum array size of 1,000 is applied for any code running in Visualforce context, independently of per-component limits.


I think people want to know where *that* is documented.




John, can you enlighten me here?  Do you have a reproducible test case we could plug into one of our test orgs? 


Although the limits were removed in apex, there are far more problems with allowing people to loop over an essentially unlimited number of objects, creating who knows how many components on each iteration.  We simply didn't have the time we needed to test whether we had enough limits in place elsewhere to stop a runaway page from slowing everything down.  Usability wise, I would argue that it rarely makes sense to put more than 1000 of anything on your page, though with the right use cases we could reconsider.


For those who have posted in this thread, the addition of this limit was documented in the release notes on page 159.


This of course doesn't address whatever your current problem seems to be, which I'm not sure I understand.  You're saying that you have some sort of expression on your Visualforce page that is calling into a method in your controller, which is building up some type of collection, and that collection is never directly referenced by your page?  The limits should only be enforced when you're referencing the collection via one of our components that needs to iterate over it (repeat, pageBlockTable, etc.)  If you're seeing something different, I'd appreciate it if you could whip up a piece of code that demonstrates it for us.


The documentation you're asking for, John, doesn't exist per your explanation of the error, because I don't believe it should work that way (and see no evidence in our own implementation of it that it would, but I'm not saying there's not a bug here somewhere).


While in general I agree that you don't want to render more than 1000 items on a page, it seems arbitrary to make that a requirement for all pages. What is the actual resource that is being protected by this limit? Page size? There is still a heap size limit in Apex so the lists would not be unlimited. Much like what was done with removing the collection limit in Apex and relying on heap size instead, it may be better to have a limit on the resource being protected rather than an arbitrary limit.


In my specific case, I'm rendering a page as an excel spreadsheet. 1000 rows in a spreadsheet is too limiting IMHO. 


Hi Jill,


While I didn't start this thread I did end up with the exact same error the OP had.


When viewing a certain Visualforce page, one user was getting this error:


Collection size 1,911 exceeds maximum size of 1,000.


I asked the user to turn on debug logging, repeat the query, and & send me the result.


She did so, and I found exactly where the issue lies - in a loosely heuristic part of our code that tries to suggest Accounts for uncategorized email addresses.  This code tries to look at as much data as it can within query limits, but without the requirement that it sees all the relevant data.


The code chunk does 3 things:


a.  Figures out how many query rows it has left within its limits


b.  Uses a SOQL for-loop to query the relevant tables, bounded by (a)


c.  Adds the result to Map<string, Account> as long as the Map size is less than "SFDC.MAX_ARRAY", which is a constant defined in our code.


The debug trace dies right after the SOQL query, during step (c).  Our user had recently upgraded from a version where SFDC.MAX_ARRAY is defined as 1,000 to a version where SFDC.MAX_ARRAY was defined as 10,000.


I reverted the value of SFDC.MAX_ARRAY, she upgraded, and the error went away.



My read of the situation is that Maps are still limited at 1,000 elements when called in a Visualforce context, and Avrom's comments above seem to match that understanding.  Am I wrong about something?  Were Map sizes not uncapped in Spring '10 along with Array sizes?



Sorry, that wasn't what I had intended to imply. I'd just meant that a page couldn't render a list of >1000 components except in the SOSC case.



I'm not sure what you're reading into Avrom's comments but the limits should be exactly as they are stated in the documentation.  You can't bind pageBlockTable, dataTable, panelBar, repeat, or dataList to a collection larger than 1,000, full stop.  And as far as I know there should be no distinction between maps or lists.  In fact, our iterating components don't even work with maps (pretty sure there's an idea on IdeaExchange for that one already) so it wouldn't make sense for anything to die on this limit while filling up a map.


I just want to be clear that the limits have less to do with being called from a Visualforce context and more to do with the value bindings of our iterating components.  At least in theory.


John, a reproducible test case would do wonders for us in this situation.  Or you could go the support route and get us all the usual info/permissions we'd need to go about reproducing this.  Any other contributors to this thread are invited to do the same.


To James, I don't disagree with you at all.  As I said before it was more of a time thing.  We do have limits on the page size but we weren't sure that they were adequate enough to protect the system, and we chose to leave the limit in for the time being, as it's no more or less arbitrary than the previous 1,000 limit on collections in Apex.  I don't want to get into our own implementation details but I just wanted you to know that we did discuss exactly what you mentioned, we just chose to err on the side of caution.  Last thing we want is to remove the limit, find some nasty page that slows the system down, and then have to put the limit back in...


Avrom, thanks for the clarification.  It was this statement:


Collections referenced in other ways from VF pages have a maximum of 1000 rows.


That made me think you guys limited, say, Arrays in a Visualforce context.  The fact that it seemed to match what was happening to our user dovetailed with my read of the above.


I'll have to get back to you guys with a concise test case, then (if I can).  Our SFDC.MAX_ARRAY constant is used many places throughout our code, so it's possible that the bug did not happen during the Map<> building but later during a component binding attempt.  (in fact, I would assume that to be the case now).


Given that y'all are now saying that collection size limits are not enforced in Visualforce pages (only that component size limits are enforced when binding), I think it's safe to assume that the bug lies in my code (trying to bind a component) rather than in yours.


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Just read through the last couple of posts, but I hope it is still possible to have component like pageBlockTable handle a result set over 1000 records of this is controlled by setController ?


I remember doing this and resulting over 4000 records to pageBlockTable with no issue :smileyhappy:




Like James, I need to export a list of records and it's considerably more than 1000. Salesforce native reports allow for 2000 records to display and essentially unlimited to export to Excel. How can I export more than 1000 records using apex?

I'd like to keep this topic alive. I also need to "export" well over 1,000 records using VF. Has anyone found a way to do so?




Not sure if you ever managed to figure this out, but check out the link below as I had a similar issue and this solved it.... What I would say is that if you are exporting to Excel you'll need to find away to hide / remove the additional column header values from the 1001+ tables.






I have work around for you. Please check: 

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Yes you can not use a collection( MAP , LIST , SET) on vf page which hase more than 1000 items so it would be better to apply limit in your query. 

or you can show more than one list if it is necessary to show all data to user.

Shubham Gupta SFDXShubham Gupta SFDX
<apex:page controller="test" renderAs="pdf" readOnly="true">
Just put"ReadOnly=true" on starting apex:page tag.. it will render record upto 10000
Debaranjan GhoshDebaranjan Ghosh
Hello Shubham,

Thank you so much. It worked and saved me.