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Question regarding apex:detail tag

I have code now that when using apex:detail subject="{!project}".  It displays the "Project" object just fine.  In that Project pay layout is a section for assignments.  There can be anywhere from 1 to many assignments per project.


The current page layout allows me to click the "Create New Assignment" and it takes me to a different page.


My boss would like to have it all stay on the same page.  So when the user clicks that "create new assignment" button, we don't leave the project page, but the assignment creation/edit screen displays on that screen.


Is this even possible? And if so, any good samples?




--Todd Kruse



It is not possible using hte <apex:detail> tag. The apex:detail emulates the standard salesforce application behaviour. You could however do the following:

1. Create a visual force page for creation of "assignment".

2. Create a "custom list button" for Assignment called "Create new Assignment"

3. Bind the custom button to the visual force page.


This way you can popup the new Assignment page and the "Project" page will be on the background.


You will not be able to display the "new assignment" page in the Project detail page until you re-write the entire project detail page in visual force.