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what is {!checkManageability} ?

I'm seeing this (all by itself) in a debug log. What does it mean? And why does it claim to take 9,136 ms? And why is there another debug log, immediately following, and resulting from the same (single) click, but with a start time only three seconds later?

Element thePage called method {!checkManageability} returned type PageReference: none

we can use public variable value form apex in VF like {!variable}


if we want to use method use action="checkManageability".


hope it's usefull for you.




I've seen this in my debug log when I've had a subtle error in my page - not enough to stop me saving the page markup, but enough to cause a problem when rendering the page with the various merge fields populated.


There's a number of posts on the discussion boards which refer to this message, but I've yet to see anything from Salesforce actually telling us what its purpose is.

Problem is, I did not invoke checkManageability. It's something purely internal to Salesforce, and undocumented, but appearing in the debug log.

Any more information on this? I hope it is not the reason that my page is loading slowly.


EDIT: I turned off development mode on my SF account and that first debug log no longer appear and my page loads at a normal speed.


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no. i think salesforce filed a bug on it.

Any more information on this one?


I have a Visualforce page that I'm getting this message appearing in the debug log intermittently but each time subsequent to it appearing the constructor is being called in my controller and the result is data is reset or lost.


Is this a Salesforce bug, a quirk, is there an explanation and more importantly how to avoid it?

Any ideas, information or help on this would be much appreciated

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