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New to salesforce, have a question about visualforce page.

Hi, I am learning about visualforce pages and was wondering how to display an custom object i created. I created an custom object called contact and the api is called contact__c. And within this object, I have a field named Contacts Name and four custom fields called phone, address, age and zip. I created 30 contacts and want to display them in a visualforce page I am trying to create. Then I want to create another forum and put the results of the Min, Max, Average age of the contacts and how many contacts there are. 


Thanks for any help you can give. 

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The best place to start is the VisualForce Developer Guide.


There is a section very near the beginning entitled "Displaying Field Values on a Page" that covers rendering field values from an object.

I figured it out. But the only problem I am having trouble with is the average. I want to do SELECT AVG(Height) FROM Person but I think that SOQL can not do that. I was wondering if there is another way of doing that.