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New redirected URL: HTTPS:// logic


I am looking for some information on how the visual force URL's are created.


In my older org it used to be:


and now it is:


HTTPS:// or

HTTPS://<package name>


that does not seem to work correctly in the sandbox when you have managed packages.


1. log into

2. main url

3. visual force page redirects to fails to fails to redirect to <package name>


Can someone provide some inside on this new behavior? I  am trying to construct the URL in JavaScript.






they recommend using


https://<instance> for standardized access across all orgs.  the final URL is not something you can/should predict, and is subject to change at their whim, afaik.




Could you post some code and a use-case? In most situations you don't need the domain and can find a relative-parth solution.




hey did you get answer for your question?

any alternative solution? 


mypackage = packagename 

so /apex/myVFPage?id={!Opportunity.Id} becomes /apex/myPackage__myVFPage?id={!Opportunity.Id}

 it works for perfectly 

thanks to last reply in following link..


I'm running into the same issue described in the initial post of this thread, but I don't think it has really been addressed, or maybe I'm missing something.



The URL composition in NA2 seems to be different than NA6 and NA7.


I have a visualforce detail page installed from a managed package.  When I go from a View to a Detail page, I lose the "« Back to List: XYZ" in the upper left, presumably because the URL/domain changes and the cookie can't be read.


To work around this, I copy and paste the visualforce page code into my own "local" version and use that instead.  In NA2 it works, in NA6&7 it does not:





I don't think the fact that it came from a managed package is relevant because in both instances, I am copying the code over to a local Page to try to avoid the URL change due to inclusion of the namespace.


Is it possible the URL for visualforce pages is actually different new newer instances?


Thanks in advance 

Belva ThomasBelva Thomas
I am attempting to update fields in the Transport tab and the links won't open to allow the update?  What is the solution for this?  Thanks