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partial page refresh from a related list - Is APEX needed ??



I have created a vf page that displays details of a custom object and also a couple of related lists in data tables.  When I hover over a record in the related list I would like to be able to partial refresh a page block that shows some of the details for the related object.


For example (& this is hypothetical to try to explain what i am trying to do with custom objects) - i am viewing an account record, the vf page also shows me a related list of contacts.  When I hover over a contact in the related list the contact details refresh in a seperate page block elsewhere on the page.


This is what I can do (!) - I  know that I can do exactly this by refreshing using the detail tag as I can pass the Id intothe "subject" field, this is fine but doesn't work as I only want to show selected fields.  I don't think I can pass the id to a 


Can i achieve this without having towrite Apex code in the form of a controller?  I supsect not, I am pretty new to Visualforce and haven't yet tackled Apex in full. 


If this is the case what I think need in the short term is some code that captures the record ID when I hover over the related list record, and passes this to a page block that re-renders using this ID.


Any help or suggestions greatly appreciated




Yes, that's what u need to do!