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Solution Search within specific Solution Category in URL from Case



I created a List Button (URL) in the Solution object to add to the Case page. I have named this button "Search Inside Sales Solutions". I would like to pass the Solution search criteria a user enters through to the Solution page and only search within a specific Solution Category. I have two different Solution Categories: Tech Service Solutions and Inside Sales Solutions. I copied the URL when I entered search text on the Case page for Inside Sales Solutions and came up with this:




This link allows me to search for the word "furnace" directly under the Inside Sales Solutions. I looked in the Case page code for the field name to reference the search text entered, but I could not get anything to work. If I replaced the "&search=furnace" with "&search=srch_Input" or "&search={srch_Input}" the words srch_Input or {srch_Input} show up in the seach box, yielding no results, of course. (At least the Inside Sales Solutions category was selected properly.)


I am wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to reference the search information the user enters from the Case page to the Solutions page in a link, and if it is possible, how to do it.


Thank you


Dave FarringtonDave Farrington
Hi There,

Did you have any luck with this? I am trying to do the same thing.