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Data from Controller class to VF page



I have  a VF page that needs to submit some values (param1 and param2) via Http POST.  To facilitate this, I have a controller class with a method that retrieves data for param1 and param2 and calls another VF page (FormPage) that contains a form with hidden fields (to perform the HTTP POST)


In the controller class:


controllerA class {

   public String getparam1 () { return param1 ; }
   public void setparam1 (String data) { param1 = data; }
   public String getparam2 () { return param2 ; }
   public void setparam2 (String data) { param2 = data; }


   public PageReference prepareData(){
            **exec queries to retrieve param values
            param1 = obj1.firstName;

            param2 = obj1.lastName;

            PageReference p =  Page.FormPage;  
            return pageRef;



In the VF FormPage:


<apex:page showHeader="false" controller="controllerA" >

  <body onload="document.getElementById('wcform').submit();">
  <form id="wcform" method="post" action="">
        <input type="Hidden"  name="p1"  value="{!param1}" />
        <input type="Hidden" name="p2"  value="{!param2}" />



The values in param1 and param2 are not passed to the FormPage VF page.  Can someone help me fix this?  Thanks.



how is prepareData getting called?


prepareData( ) is called by another VF page:

<apex:commandLink value="View Details" action="{!prepareData}" target="_blank">


And Param1 and Param2 values are retrieved in the Controller class.  I have confirmed this.