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how to use multiple custom objects in a single vf page??

l was trying to have a page tht has a standardController ="Transaction__c" and due to this i can refer to the custom fields TransactionType__c and so on inside the Transaction__c  custom object(database table)


But i also need to use another table like maybe Customer__c on the same vf page.

but since i could add only <apex:page standardController ="Transaction__c" >..... on a single page , what do i do to access  Customer__c from the same vf page.


I need to input customer details in <apex: inputtext id="custname" ...and so on.


i dont know if this is too basic question or is it significant.

Pls help.



You can use an extension class to fetch values of other object.

But I suppose if both the objects are related then you can directly fetch values of othe robject on VF page without having an extension using relational fields e.g. Transaction__r.Customer__r.Name

Jjust try it out & let me know if it works!!!!