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New bee question on setting PickList value when the page load

I am new to Visaulforce pages. I have a requirement to cuztomize Call Log page, to remove the followup section and the Stauts picklist value should have a "Completed" value. I tried removing followup=1 parameter from URL that takes away the Follow up section but I am not sure how to set the picklist value when the page is rendered. Should I write my own controller and set the value there  in constructor or is there any easy way to set the value in page load event?


Thansk in advance

Edwin VijayEdwin Vijay

Go to Setup -> App Setup -> Activities --> Task fields --> Click on "Status" field. Add a new value to the status field here..


I hope this is what you are looking for


No I am not looking to add new value. What I am looking for is how to set "Completed" as default value when the "Call Log" page opens.





In thee URL pass the value 'Completed' with the ID of that field so that the page automaticaaly sets its value..

E.g. when we create oppty from account related list the account ID is passed in url along with the id of that field on page


Let me know if it solve's your problem