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Customize Change Password Page - Customer Portal

Is it possible to customize the /_ui/system/security/ChangePassword page (fonts/colors/remove headers)?


Is it possible to place the change password fields into a custom VisualForce page.


I think I can create my own visual force page/custom controller and use the setPassword() function, but if there is an easier way I'd like to use it.

if you use force.com sites to login to portal then there is a lookup on the login settings page where you can overwrite the default change password page with your own visualforce page

I don't understand the response. 


How can I use Sites to log into the Customer Portal?


What do you mean by a lookup on the login settings page?




He's just confirming your original plan ie. with a custom controller and VF page.




Here is the two articles related to my post (using sites to login to portal)

1- Intro to force.com sitesforce.com sites

2- Authenticating Users on Force.com Sites


Can you let me know which page needs to be edited for customizing the ChangePassword page for customer portal?


Or where can I set the change-password-page for customer portal?

This does not work. In my site, I change the login settings Change Password Page: to my custom change password page and it still goes to: _ui/system/security/ChangePassword. This is a big problem and I have no idea what to do about it. To see this, go to forgot password, enter a username, it will send the email. Now try to log in with that new temp password and when you successfully log in it will take you right to: _ui/system/security/ChangePassword no matter what you put in the Login Settings.

I am experiencing the same problem ioblurr - hopefully this is a known issue that Salesforce is working on.


its a very Simple Problem , just change the Template and write your template with a custom visualforc page .


user simple link "/apex/customChangePassword"


It will solve your Problem.

I have the same problem as iolblurr. We need to change the look of the _ui/system/security/ChangePassword. Have there been any updates?
Derek M HughesDerek M Hughes
I have tried the solution of enabling Chatter Answers and selecting a custom VF page in the settins, but try as I might I cannot get it to use that page.  When a password reset is done and an email is sent to the user with the link to {!Community_Url} it ALWAYS goes to 
_ui/system/security/ChangePassword page.

This is the last non-custom page in our community site.  Login, request password reset and register are all custom pages... just this one eyesore left that does not conform to our site look and feel.

Has anyone solved this problem?
Derek M HughesDerek M Hughes
Actaully I finally figured it out... I had enabled Chatter Answers and selected the custom password change page in the Chatter Site Settings, but it actaully needs to be selected in the COmmunity settings.  

Gotta say, the documentation around this from Salesforce is not great.