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Search & list results - linking to a vf page



I a have a couple of queries - I have set up some pretty standard vf pages that I want to use for a site,using the standard SF look & feel. 


I have the search toolbar on the left hand side and for simplicity want public users to be able to use this. However, if they use this via the site the results return a search list view, which is fine, however, the hyperlink from any returned record takes me to a standard SF page rather than to the VF page that I require.  How can I customise the links on these results pages.  I have created other VF pages with custom links so the code's not the problem, it's where do I write it !


I also have the same problem using the standard list views, which likewise for simplicity would like to use.  Alternatively can I insert the standard "views" drop-down & the "A to Z" list into a custom VF page or do I need to create one




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