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Embedding Content Thumbnails in Visualforce page

I would like to be able to display multiple thumbnails of uploaded images that are stored using CRM Content on a single Visualforce page.  I'm able to get ContentDocuments and ContentVersion using SOQL but am unclear on how to embed this content.  Ideally, I would use the apex:image tag within a repeat using a bound list of ContentVersion elements.  Has anybody done something similar?


I have a similar conundrum with embedding the content module in a SFDC site VisualForce page. The apex:detail tag does not render anything for the ContentDocument, which I would expect to present the same module that is seen on the regular content screen.

<apex:page standardController="ContentDocument" showHeader="false" sidebar="false">
	<apex:detail subject="{!ContentDocument.Id}" relatedList="true" title="true"/>

 Any feedback / workaround would be appreciated.


Was this question ever resolved? I am facing the same issue-thanks!