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IE 8 - Salesforce Button doesn't work any more (no Problem with any other browser)

Hi there,


I'm experiencing a strange problem. In a Visualforce Page there is a large number of custom buttons. They were implemented as <apex:commandLink> and work well in Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer 7.

But the same button doesn't work in IE 8! I tried the Developertools from the extras menu in IE 8 and opened the page in IE 7 mode, everything works as expected.

I also tried to change the <apex:commandLink> in a <apex:commandButton>, but there is no reaction.

The action invoked is just similar to any other working Button (a simple pageReference which sets a field value).

Is there any known problem or a workaround to fix this problem?


Any suggestions welcome ;-)


Best regards,

Tobias Forstmeier


I'm experiencing the same problem. Using a commandButton, the action method that is supposed to get called in the controller is never called. I changed that to a normal HTML button tag with an onclick attribute pointing to an actionFunction that calls the same method in the controller as my original button, and it still does NOT work. I see you posted this in March and now it's November and that still has not been resolved.


Works in every browser except IE8.


If you use <chatter:feedWithFollowers> , you must put it out of <apex:form>. Then all buttons will work again.

I hope this will solve the pb.  :smileyvery-happy:


Found this thread while experiencing the same issue.


I resolved the issue by removing nested <form> tags.  I.E. I had my apex:form and native html <form></form> tags inside the apex:form tag.  This caused the page to incorreclty render.


Hope this helps someone.


Having the same issue...it's really weird, because not only does it work in all other browsers, but it works in IE8 for all instances my package is deployed in except for one. The page renders, doesn't thrown any exceptions, nothing.......but when the commandLink is clicked, the page just loads again as though nothing had happened.