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Overwrite New to VF pages leads to Cross-site scripting block

Can anyone offer assistance on this? I am trying overwrite standard tab buttons, in this case let's say New for contacts tab, to a VF page.

I get it either appearing in a subframe with sidebar, or if i try to java it I get 

Cross-site Scripting Possible cross site scripting attempt detected. 

I am guessing the server difference from salesforce.com to  visual.force.com triggers this?

Can anyone help? thanks!


You get the sidebar on your Vf page, because you have not set the page attribute sidebar to false.The error is not because of server difference.

Can you brief more on your statement 'or if i try to java it'.



by sidebar i mean there's essentially two sidebars.


by java it i mean lauching the page via a script, not a link.