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Horrible performance when resizing main Salesforce window

I wasn't sure which topic I should submit this issue, but since there have been recent posts about performance in the Visualforce Development category, I am entering the post here. However, the issue appears on the standard tab pages with no custom development code involved.


Has anyone seen a huge performance degradation when resizing the Salesforce window when viewing information on the standard tabs like Accounts, Leads, Contacts, etc.? You won't see the problem if you just click on the Tab. You will need to select a view and click the Go button. Then, grab a corner of the window and drag it to a new size. It takes an incredibly long time for the contents of the window to redraw/update. 


I am using FF 3.6.2, but have confirmed that it is an issue with FF 3.5.8, as well as IE. It happens with both the old and new UIs in Salesforce.


I have no idea when this started happening. We just stumbled upon it recently.


If I get others to confirm that it is indeed a problem, then I will submit a case for it. Thanks!




Old UI works fine for me.


New UI......you are right. It is horrible. I can't believe new CSS could have such a negatvie impact on browser performance, but it does.


Thanks for the confirmation. I see problems with both the old and new UI, so I'm not sure if its the new CSS or not. There are a few more components on the page when you select a View and hit 'Go' (rather than just going to the default page view), so that could be part of the problem, but I am just speculating.


I just hope this is not part of a bigger performance issue that we have yet to encounter.




I don't experience issues in either.  I'm on firefox 3.0.