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Create Matrix report in Visualforce

Hi All,


I want to recreate a martix report in a visualforce page, so that the users can do inline editing and save the records. There are 2 objects involved here (Opportunities(Parent) and Revenue Schedule(Custom - Child). I want the Opportunity Names on the left hand side of the report/vf page and then the Revenue Schedule child records to display horizontally next to each Opportunity record. The header of the revenue shedule records must display only Date (e.g. August 2010, September 2010...), and if a child record has a date that falls withing the header date then display a value for the user to update.


I have been reading in the community to find a solution and i think that i might get this right using <apex repeat> , but i am not sure. Any suggestions?


Thanks Community




I am a newbie to Visual Force/Apex architecture. This is exactly what i need to implement right now. Y-axis will have Days of Month while X-axis will be the Employee Names. The report is about the (Days off/Employee/Month). The big question is how to create dynamic columns as Employee number keep varying. Anyone please help, will appreciate!




I am looking for the exact thing as well.  I am struggling with accessing the Revenue Schedule.  If anyone has done this please give us some tips!!