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TAB default view VisualForce page

Im trying to make the first page you see when you click on a tab a newly created VF page.


I have changed the "View" to a VF page and that works, but obviously only when you have viewed a record. I would like to change the initial page to my VF page but can't seem to sort it out.


Any help PLEASE




It sounds like you want to create a new VisualForce tab and replace the standard tab with that.


If this is a tab for a standard or custom object you can override the tab page by going to buttons and links setup and defining a VF page to use for the "tab"action.  


I have tried to add the VF page to the "Stanard Buttons and Links - TAB" and repalce the salesforcepage with a VF page but the VF page that i have created does not apear on the list of available pages.


When i changed the "View" from salesforcepage, i could see both my VF pages as available options.




That's very odd - when I try to override a tab using the custom buttons and links I get offered all of my visualforce pages, not just those that use the standard controller for the object.  


Most overrides apply to actions that have a specific object selected, hence require a standard controller that is appropriate to that object.

Tab is different because you select the tab before you have selected an object to act on.  So it should allow pages appropriate to that situation.


It appears the actual rules are you can have a page with no controller, or with a custom controller or with a standard list controller for the corresponding object type.