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Any Ideas on How to Implement a FAQ Page using VisualForce

I'm not very well versed with VisualForce but have some HTML code for a FAQ page and want to incorporate it into a VisualForce Page as it's own tab in my Salesforce application. So the tab will be called FAQ and I want to basically display a list of FAQ questions and when the user clicks on the question, it navigates them to the answer. I'd like to just put it in one HTML page to keep it simple. Does anyone have experience with this? I would think that this is something common most applications provide and would be interested in any ideas.


Provided you open and close the visualforce page using the correct tags (<apex:page></apex:page>) you should be able to copy/paste your HTML inside and then create a new visualforce tab to navigate to it.


You can create a custom visual force tab and embed an VF page into it as given below :


Setup -> create -> tab -> visual force tab -> existing page(Assigned Page)


You need to create one visualforce page and can paste the html within the page.