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Content Related List doesn't show all Content

I've implemented many custom lookup fields from ContentVersion to our Custom objects to support automating the relationship between object instances and Content.  I cannot customize this related list to add any fields from Content (besides title, created date and last modified date).  Although I'd love to have actions (like download, edit, delete), I really desparately need the record count to be truly reflective of what's related to the object.  Currently, the list shows 10 records, you can ask to see 10, 20, 40, etc more, but each of those is a click.  Ideally, I would have a 'Go To List' hyperlink at the bottom of the related list LIKE ANY OTHER RELATED LIST!!!  I'm thinking I'll need to do a custom related list for this but just wanted to check...


 Content Related List


Hi expert,


I would like to know how have you implemented custom lookup from Contentversion to custom object.

I am looking for that only and this will help me solve my problems now and in future.


I know this is quite old post but if you turn back and reply then i will be very glad.