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san k.ax737san k.ax737 

Can we change the the User Interface according the the client requists?


    I wanna change the look and field of UI which presently displaying. Is it possible to change the Background Color and Tabs style as developer in the application.




Hi San,


yes you can.You can add your stylesheets, your javascript, and watever u do with webpage in other languages.

Pls go through  salesforce_pages_developers_guide.pdf for reference.



san k.ax737san k.ax737

hi alok,

  Thanks for reply. one more thing i wanna know is that....whenever we login in deveolper editon we come across UI which has Home and other tab, i'm want to change thats backgroud color and make it attractive ... is this possible? and if this future is not present in developer edition , can get this option when i actually develop application for client(Paid Edition).?



salesforce_pages_developers_guide.pdf : Can u send me the link of this reference PDF file.












Hi San,


No, you can't change background color or theme. This is the default theme of salesforce, however you can customize

your home page, like : which tabs u wanna on your home page, positioning of components (calender,search tool bar etc.)

 and u can hide side bar as well.