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Invoking Action Method from Raw HTML Form Tag

I have a BlackBerry application consisting of two VisualForce pages.  Other then the apex:page tag, no other apex tags are used as they are way too heavy for mobile performance constraints.  Instead I use raw HTML Form tags and parameter passing to the controller. 


It all works great except for one thing:  Since you cannot perform DML in a controller constructor or getter, you cannot save or update anything.  You can only read data and make web callouts.


Question:  How do you invoke a controller action method from a raw HTML Form tag (so you can perform DML)?







Since VF pages support all raw html, css, etc and any combination(VF tags+ Html) as well within <apex:page/> tag. So you can use any action component of VF page within raw html, like <apex:commandButton/> or<apex:commandLink/>, etc in order to invoke action method.


Hope this helps.