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We currently have web to case enabled so clients can send us support request.


Had an idea to create a visualforce page within the clients org with the web to lead HTML generated code so the client can send tickets right from there system.


Problem is nothing happens, is this not possible I thought VF support HTML and Java.






You can create custom pages using Visualforce and Apex (a server-side technology, similar to Java).


If you want to expose these pages to the public (without being logged into salesforce), you'll need to use Force.com Sites.


Thanks for this, I was hoping for shall we say a simpler method. To be honest probably being lazy. We are moving from a support platform to salesforce.com cases.


The support tool has a neat piece of Java call out which I was able to include in an VF page and use Apex code to populate with user details. So all the user has to do is simply put a problem and hit submit. This was installed as a tab in the clients sf.com org.


So very neat solution.


I want to replicate by having a support tab in our clients version of sf.com.  If I use a similar style clients should find the new system easy to use.


Any thoughts would be appreciated, it's a shame I can't use web to case as the auto generated HTML / form it just what I need.