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"Related Content" and "Content Deliveries" related lists in VF/Apex?

How do I replicate these two related lists in a custom visual force page? 


We had to replace a default view for the object with a custom page so now we need to have this functionality (so users can attach docs from workspaces, generate deliveries and see whats related to this object). However, I can't seem to find any solution or workaround for this


1. There does not seem to be a special apex : * tag for these two lists, and it appears there are no documented tags in any namespace to do it either (like there is for idea and will be for chatter)

2. The regular apex:relatedList tag doesnt cut it, ther is no child relationship defined in the schema that can feed the data

3. I tried doing a custom page block but then I could not find where the ContentVersion/ContentDocument and objects meet?

4. The API is not providing the information either


Is there any support for content related matters in apex/VF? It seems that the many-2-many object linking objects and content documents/versions is completely hidden from us and I don't understand why, there certainly is a business case for knowing which documents are related to a case or an account (or a custom object for that matter) 


Is there maybe an undocumented VF tag to do it?



This will get you halfway there. 


Programmatically Upload Content


And with the gap on Content Deliveries, please promote this idea on idea exchange. 


Content Deliveries




It doesn't get me anywhere unfortunately. I am not looking to upload from code, the documents are already in, the versions were already created by salesforce and so were the unreachable attach links. The problem is not how to create records but rather how to read them


I also tried to emulate the URL for Find Content and Search All in the form of:




yet it completely fails unless ID is 15chars version, if its 18 chars it crashes. This content system really seems like a half baked job. I understand this is an external product being integrated into salesforce but I really don't like the way they are releasing things without covering all the bases, its like a right hand not knowing what the left is doing  :( s-controls had functionality that is still missing from apex, now we have business level services with no Apex support, its becoming a systemic issue and a bad sign of poor managment. Lets just roll the GUI stuff for people to rejoice, who cares about gaping holes in the programmability, only geeks use that anyway.  If they complain we'll just force them to vote on stuff we should have done in the first place. :smileysad: