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Edwin VijayEdwin Vijay 

A Weird Behaviour - What might be the cause?

I just did a small visualforce page and saw that the date picker appears by default, i do not understand from where it came.. See Image below


Removed the apex:form tags and it disappears.. Did anyone face such similar issue???


Edwin VijayEdwin Vijay

An update : I added the apex:commandbutton attribute and the calendar was gone.. But still, this is something that has got to do with the Winter 11 release i believe, and has to be looked into soon...


This is strange. Can you post the controller code here?


We have tried the same at our end and it works fine. Compare your code with the code provided below :


<apex:page controller="ProductSelection1" >


                                                                                <body bgcolor="">

                                                                                <table width="100%">



                                                                                                <apex:selectRadio value="{!Answer}">

                                                                                                <apex:selectOptions value="{!items}"/>









                                                public class ProductSelection1

                                                {   public boolean answer{get;set;}

                                                                public list<selectoption> getitems()


                                                                 list<selectoption> options = new list<selectoption>();

                                                                 options.add( new selectoption ('5','value 5'));

                                                                 options.add( new selectoption ('6','value 6'));

                                                                 options.add( new selectoption ('7','value 7'));

                                                                 options.add( new selectoption ('8','value 8'));

                                                                 return options;



Hope this helps.


Mark  StandardStyleSheet propERTY "false". This will work in IE/Firefox. Not sure about Chrome.

Jessie GrenfellJessie Grenfell

I've hit this on a couple of pages.  From trial and error, it seems to be related to using the form tag on a page with a composition tag.  In one case, I fixed it by moving the form tag outside of (not surrouding) the composition tag, which just happened to be feasible in that scenario.  In another case, I needed to set  the standardStylesheets to false in both the page and the template page.