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How to filter related list in an email template approachbutwithnoluck

I need to filter a related list for the active inventory in a related list. Similar to this question:



This is simple in an XSLT implementation.


I found the following:


<apex:dataTable value="{!relatedTo.Opportunities}" var="o">

<apex:column value="{!o.Name}" rendered="{!o.IsClosed == false}"/>

<apex:column value="{!o.CloseDate}" rendered="{!o.IsClosed == false}"/>



This seams a lot easier than having to write a customer controller.

I have tried to apply the rendered="{!o.IsClosed == false} approach to the following code with no luck.


Any suggestions?


<apex:repeat var="cx" value="{!relatedTo.ri__Units__r}">


<td WIDTH=100 >{!cx.Year__c}</td>

<td WIDTH=200>{!cx.Make__c}</td>

<td WIDTH=300>{!cx.Model__c}</td>

<td WIDTH=200>$<apex:outputText value="{0,number,00,000}"> <apex:param value="{!cx.ri__ListPrice__c}"/> </apex:outputText> </td>

<td WIDTH=200><img src={!cx.ri__Unit_Main_Image__c} height=100 width=150 alt={!cx.Model__c} /></td> </tr> </apex:repeat>


You should create a formula field on your object that returns a Boolean (true / false) text value or use a checkbox standard field like IsClosed or IsWon.


For example

Show = If(condition,"true","false")

 Then the example you found becomes:

<apex:dataTable value="{!relatedTo.Opportunities}" var="o">

<apex:column value="{!o.Name}" rendered="{!o.show__c}"/>

<apex:column value="{!o.CloseDate}" rendered="{!o.show__c}"/>


 To make this work in HTML rather than APEX, you need to embed the conditional inside the brackets:


<apex:repeat var="cx" value="{!relatedTo.[Related List Name]}">


<td WIDTH=100 >{!IF(show__C,cx.Year__c,"")}</td>

<td WIDTH=200>{!IF(show__C,cx.Make__c,"")}</td>

<td WIDTH=300>{!IF(show__C,cx.Model__c,"")}</td>

<td WIDTH=200>$<apex:outputText value="{0,number,00,000}"> <apex:param value="{!cx.ri__ListPrice__c,"")}"/> </apex:outputText> </td>

<td WIDTH=200><img src={!cx.ri__Unit_Main_Image__c} height=100 width=150 alt={!IF(show__C,cx.Model__c,"")} /></td> </tr> </apex:repeat>


The only issue with using HTML vs. an apex:DataTable is that the render = fales parameter prevents a blank line in the table.  Your HTML code will generate a line return every time you process the <tr> tag.


Unless I am not understanding what you are referencing, I believe your reference to ri__Units__r is wrong.  It should be the Object.Related_Object_Plural_Name.


Hope that helps.


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