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very imp--SOQL statements can not be longer than 10000 characters

Hi Dedicated Salesforce Team or All,

              I am facing an error from long.



'SOQL statements can not be longer than 10000 characters' .


I am doubting it could be beacasue of size of  API name of the fields. Even if I reduce the lenght it will not accomodate

more than 450 or max 500 fields . how can I expose remaining 250 - 300 fields on the same VF page.


Please give me the step by step by solution. If etensn is required then what would be format. How will it take the input from the user. give me the code of the extens that will store the user input for remaing 250-300 fields other than Standard controller. Because in case of standasrd controller it automatically creates the record.


Impatiently waiting for reply.






I'm having a hard time imagining how a single VF page with 700 fields on it is even remotely usable. I think you'll need to write a custom controller and break up your data so you can query it in 2 or 3 queries instead of 1. 


You can only have 500 fields on an object, are these extra fields related data you're reading in to display, or are you editing multiple rows of data at once?


All fields are input fields. Generally when extensn is written to query the realated object to extract the field values that would be displayed as output/read fields on the VF page but in my case all has to be edit/input fields .


Please advice how can i write the extn that would support the input given by the user and will save it in another object.


I have not recieved the convincing answer yet...