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How can we display a vf page inside content of a tab?

Hi guys,


I have a requirement, I need to display a vf page inside the content of a tab?

Any ideas as to how to achieve this?


Thanks in advance.


 Are you expecting VF page shown as a tab, then follow the following steps


  setup -> App Setup -> create -> tab -> Visualforce Tabs -> New

and select the page you need show as a tab and proceed steps.





I dont mean that way. I am having a vf page which has tab panel and some tabs. and within one of those tabs i want to display another vf page..


Anyways thanks for the response


Use VF Include component

<apex:include pageName="yourVFPageName"/>



Unless you really need the content to be a page you can also factor it as a custom component which you can then reference. The advantage is the ability to create typed attributes in the event you need to pass info to the page.