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Modify Backround and Panel Colour of Standard Theme

Hi ,


I need to just change the background color  and the home tab panel color of the new UI theme .


Would be really helpful if someone could give  a simple step by step process how to do this...





prathap raoprathap rao

If you are asking about modifying how the tab's background needs to look yes it can be changed to an extent.


Go to Setup --> Create ---> Tabs 


In the Tabs you can click on new and in click on the tabstyle lookup and in the center of the screen you can see "Create own Style" 

You can add your own color form a set of available colors and add an image.


When it comes to modifying the whole background color of the page I believe the only option we can go for is visual force page and use our own CSS and modify the page background.


If you need to do that on a standard theme I believe it is not possible.


Experts please correct me if i am wrong.