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RelatedList name for Attachments on Activities (now that it is supported?)

In the Winter' 11 update, an Attachments section was added for Activities/Events, which was a longstanding pain point for our organization.


However, we use Visualforce to customize our Events page, and need to manually call each Related List.


However "NotesAndAttachments" doesn't work for the RelatedList name, and neither does "Attachments".


Does anyone know what the RelatedList name is for the Event-specific Attachments section in Visualforce?

Imran MohammedImran Mohammed

Related List name is Attachments for Events.

Can you make sure that the Attachments related list is added to Event Page Layout?

If not add it and then use in the relatedList tag in your VF page.



I had seen some other threads on adding it to the page layout, so added it to 3/4 of them-- all custom layouts.  Does it need to be added to default "Event Layout" specifically for Visualforce page RelatedLists to work?


Will check this myself this afternoon-- will post back if it works.


Nope-- it doesn't seem to be working.  All of my Events Page Layouts have the Attachments Related List displayed, but the Visualforce page still doesn't let me call it directly by name via <apex:relatedList list="XYZ"/>


Have also tried the following:






Any ideas?  Has anyone been able to successfully call the new Attachments Related List on Events through Visualforce?


Hate to "bump" this but I haven't been able to find a workaround for the issue.  Anyone figured this out yet?