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URL No Longer Exists

I am trying to pass a record ID via URL for a VisualForce page and continually receive a URL No Longer Exists error. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong or is URL not properly referenced? See URL below. 


The VF page is based on a standardController for a custom object. I plan on extending the standardController but can't even get the basics to work. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks.


Hey there,


I can't see your Code; it takes me to a login page.  Could you copy and paste? 


But some general tips on passing parameters:


If you are passing in a parameter to the Visualforce page from a custom button, you can try:

and in the Visualforce page to grab that ID for whatever use:

<apex:inputField value={!AnotherCustomObject__c.CustomField__c} id="TestURL" />


If you are passing from Controller Extension to Controller Extension:


PageReference Test = "TargetVisualforce Page";

Test.getParameters().put('Anything', CustomObject__c.URL__c);

(The 'Anything' is the placeholder, it can be named anything you want.  The CustomObject__c.URL__c is the value you are passing)



AnotherCustomObject__c.CustomField__c = system.CurrentPageReference.getParameters().get('Anything');


And finally, from Visualforce page to Visualforce page:

(On first page)

<apex:outputlink value="apex/Page2" > Click Me <apex:param name="msg" value="success" /> </apex:outputlink>


This passes a URL parameter msg=success to be grabbed by the second page using one of the two methods above.  


Hope this helps in any way.


Thanks for the rely


According to the VF workbook I should be able to put in the following into a page:


<apex:page standardController="Competency__c">
<apex:detail />


And then reference a specific record by appending the record Id to the end of the URL. Like:​=a0gA0000002BBZa (This won't link to anything I am using it as an example showing the Id appended to the end)


At which point I should see the detail page for the specific record whose id is appended to the end of the URL.


In the workbook the reference uses but I am redirected using, however when I append the id as directed I received the URL No Longer Exisits. I know the id exists because I cut and pasted it directly from the listviews page. Is there something wrong with my settings?




It seems that something is unusual in URL. Remove the '/' next to ReviewData, then it should be work fine :