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Visualforce - Exporting to Excel with Styles

I have a visualforce page which exports to excel (using contenttype="application/vnd.ms-excel" in the apex:page declaration).


The problems I'm having are:


1) my static resource (image appears as a broken image:


            <apex:pageBlockSectionItem ><apex:image url="{!$Resource.myLogo}" width="218" height="80" /></apex:pageBlockSectionItem>



2) My styles (borders) aren't exporting:



        <apex:pageBlockTable title="Part List" value="{!partList}" var="pl">
            <apex:column headerClass="partListHeader" styleClass="partListItem" value="{!pl.ProductCode__c}" headervalue="Part No." />
            <apex:column headerClass="partListHeader" styleClass="partListItem" value="{!pl.Description}"  headervalue="Description" />



Any idea if either of these can be ameliorated?