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GWT within VisualForce page

Is anyone using GWT within a VisualForce page?


If so I need to know what steps to follow to get a simple "hello word" applicaiton going.


Do I use the Elipse GWT plug in to build the UI, upload generated code as static resource, then include in my VisualForce page?


Thank you,



Which item on that page do you think is relavent to my question?


I too have the same question.


I have created standalone GWT apps using this approach http://wiki.developerforce.com/page/Building_Offline_Salesforce_Applications_with_Google_Gears_and_Google_Web_Toolkit


However is it possible to use GWT to create smaller parts of a VisualFoce page?  I want to include a GWT app in an existing VisualForce page...is that possible?