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grouping custom fields..

Hi Guys,

                  I Created Temp Custom Object. With Four Custom Fields Having lookups fields to other Custom Objects.


temp Custom Object    temp__c

Custom fields                Applicant__c,Department__c,Subject__c,Contact__c


From the input data(Suppose assume i entered 10 applicants info ). Now. I need to display data by grouping  Department  and Subject . Appriciate your help guys..


Thank You.







Try this:



<apex:page standardController="Temp__c">


When you create a relationship field (lookup or master/detail) the __c variation refers to the field itself which is just the foreign key. The __r variation is the "relationship" which can be traversed per above.



Thanx for your reply.But i need to group the  records.


For each Department           How many Applicants..??

For each Subject                  How many Applicants..??


   And have to show in a Table.


Based on the info you provided and given this is the visualforce board I assumed you were just stuck on the syntax of relationships.


What is a "Student" and how does it relate to temp__c and/or Contact__c and/or Applicant__c? 


My Bad.I posted in Wrong place.


Custom Object    Temp__c


Fields                    Applicant__c,Department__c,Subject__c,Contact__c  (Four are in  look up relationship with Temp__c)


I saved the data to Temp__c. Now  I need to get that data from Tamp_c . By Grouping Applicats by Department and Subject.


I need two tables


Table 1:                                                                            Table 2:


Department       No.of Applicants                               Subject         No.of Applicants


Thank You,





In your custom controller, add a method that will return departments and their counts. In Visualforce, iterate through these departments by using apex:pageBlockTable. 


As an example take a look at this blog -