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sObject permissions

I try to enter to vf page as Administrator and I can.


When I try to enter as Standard User I get this message:


sObject type 'RevokeEvent__c' is not supported.


Can someone help me?


This seems to be a general VF question, so I'm moving it to the appropriate Visualforce development board.

Imran MohammedImran Mohammed

Can you see the profile of the User logged in has permissions on Revoke__c object?

Also, make sure that the Profile has enabled Visualforce page.



From spring'10 relase you can't access custom object.


For accessing any custom object you need to create clone profile.       




Standard user profile does not allow you to give the permissions on the custom objects. Make a clone of the standard user profile and give the required permissons to the custom objects. Assign this custom profile to the user from which you are trying to run the application.


Hope this help