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Popup on User Login to Salesforce

Hey guys,


I want to broadcast a message to all our SF users whenever they log into the org, something similar to Salesforce Maintenance pop up.


So the user logs into the org and the first thing he/she sees is a pop up screen. Basically, I want to display an IFRAME to all users whenever they log into the SF. After user see the popup then I will send the user to the main screen so he can continue his work.


I'm not sure whether there is a method or function that I can call in a SControl or a Visualforce page.


Any help is appreciated.



While not an iframe, have you looked at adding an HTML section that contains a scrolling banner to the home page layout for your users?  That's the way we advise our clients to communicate important news.


There's a tutorial at:  http://www.salesforce.com/customer-resources/learning-center/details/best-practices/how-to-create-a-scrolling-banner.jsp


Thanks Bob. I already implemented it for my client. :)

I was thinking if we can show some dynamic data from any object. How would be go about doing it? I guess we need to write sControl type logic to query data and show the results. Can we do such stuff in home page components?

rakesh muppirirakesh muppiri

Hi Friend, Can you share your code here please.....