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Overriding blank.html for custom load screen

I have a very complex Salesforce application that requires pulling a large amount of data from the database. Because of this, my custom Visualforce page can take up to 10 seconds to load. Currently, the user is presented the white screen that is the blank.html screen provided by Visualforce.


I am wondering if anyone knows of a way I can override that page or using some other method, present a loading message. Having feedback that their information is being retrieved and set up would be far more useful than just that white page.


Thank you for your suggestions!



P.S. I tried a javascript redirect where a loading page redirected to their custom page, but the second the redirect is initiated, blank.html is loaded up.


Could you not render the VF page and then do the heavy lifting via an actionfunction, then rerender the page as appropriate?  The actionfunction could be called from a javascript timer if needs be.