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<apex:form> tag and inline editing break googlemaps packaged app (Visualforce)

As many, I'm excited to deploy inline edits for Visualforce page, and while inline editing works, it's broken my google maps "related list".

This page was previously on api version 15.0. Prior to today, i've ran this form without <apex:form> tags. In enabling inline editing for VF, I've been forced to upgrade this page to API 21, and add <apex:form> tags as inline editing has to descend from this tag. Inline editing works! Google Maps breaks :(.

By viewing the errors in IE, i can break it down to this statement in the source:
<script  type="text/javascript">document.forms['echoScontrolForm_066700000004hqK'].submit()</script>

IE Mesage: 'document.forms.echoScontrolForm_066700000004hqK' is null or not an object

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but this seems to have broken because I have to explicitly define an <apex: form>! If i remove inline editing, and then subsequently the <apex:form> tags, it magically works again. Please see my very simple VF page below and let me know if I am doing something wrong, if there is an easier way to attain my goals, and how I can resolve this issue!

<apex:page standardController="Account" showHeader="true" title="Account: {!Account.Name}">
<apex:form id="theform">
        <apex:variable var="renderDistributor" value="{!if($User.ProfileId = '00e70000000viCR',false,true)}" />
        <apex:variable var="sentToInterface" value="{!if(Account.Sent_To_Interface__c = true,true,false)}" />
        <apex:variable var="sentToInterfaceTime" value="{!Account.Sent_To_Interface_Time__c}" />
    <apex:pageBlock rendered="{!AND(renderDistributor,sentToInterface)}" title="Information" >   
               <table border="0.5" width="100%">

                    <td bgcolor="pink">
                        <font color="red" face="arial">
                            <b>This customer was last queued for the interface on:&nbsp;<apex:outputfield value="{!Account.Sent_To_Interface_Time__c}"/></b>
   <apex:detail relatedList="true" inlineEdit="true">




Hi there.  I posted a similar issue as you.  And it looks like you and I are having the same problems.  When I remove the <apex:form> and inline editing, our page works fine without any errors.


Were you able to resolve this with tech support?  Or did you remove the inline editing feature?




Thanks for bringing this up. This is a known issue right now and we're working on a fix that would eliminate the need to use an apex:form.

Cory CowgillCory Cowgill

stephan, any update on this? This is causing me errors on another Visualforce Page with an Apex Detail and Form section in IE 8


We've got a fix for this that will be released with Summer '11. We've removed the requirement for an apex:form when using apex:detail with inline editing.

Cory CowgillCory Cowgill

Thanks Stephan. Good to know.


In addition, what I did that also fixed this was use two forms on one page with different Id's.


Essentially this allows you to keep inline editing in your VF page, and you other custom VF code which may do form submits working.


<apex:form id="form1">

     <apex:detail inlineedit="true"/>


<apex:form id="form2">

<---- Some Custom VF with some Submit Buttons ------>