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relationship names for content and content deliveries?

I'm trying to include related lists for Related Content and Content Deliveries on a VF page and I can't figure out their relationship names. I searched in the docs but couldn't find that info. Can someone help?

Where is that info (list of all standard relationship names) documented?


I tried the following and few other names without luck.



<apex:relatedList list="RelatedContent" />
<apex:relatedList list="Content" />
<apex:relatedList list="ContentDeliveries" />



Thanks much


I looked into a standard layout code in eclipse, and found these names.


Content Delivieries- RelatedContentDistributionList
Related Content- ContentDocumentRelatedList

When I tried those names, the one for Content Deliveries works but the other (Related Content) doesn't.. strange!


Up. Have the same problem...


Have you found any solution to include Related Content related list in Visualforce?


Have tried sevaral different values for the "list" attribute with no luck....




I managed to make it appear on Opportunities with


<apex:relatedList list="RelatedContentDistributionList" />

 but this is not not working on Contracts.


If anyone knows the right syntax to put it on Contracts...

Eva DeLoriolEva DeLoriol

To find the name, I viewed source on the standard page layout.  So for Contacts, this is what I get and can use;


<div id="00330000019v698_RelatedContentDistributionList_body" class="pbBody">


Where the name of the div id is the name of the related list minus the numbers and underscores.  We're not using it on Contracts in our Org, so I couldn't look for you.  This should work to get you the list and if you are using Firebug, you can highlight the area of the page pretty quickly to find it instead of scrolling through tons of gargage html.

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