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Call sheet

New here and new to Salesforce!


I'm working on developing a call sheet for our company integrated with Salesforce. With only a basic understanding of coding I've opted to build out a tab with the necessary fields and created something that's very usable, linking to contacts, etc.


The trouble I'm currently having is that it takes two clicks to access an individual's calls. What I'd like to do is have a Visualforce element on a user's dashboard that either connects directly back to the tab through a URL, displaying the page or something that displays a list of the calls.


I'm guessing I'm not the first person to attempt this so I thought I'd check in here first and see if anyone has any thoughts or could reference anything that's already been built.


Any help is much appreciated!


Create a custom home page and using HTML link to a report on the calls (make sure the report is set to only show the users records that way 1 report will do everyone.  You can also link to dashboard images so they are not lost.


If you need more help then contact me and I can give screenshots to your email.