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RenderAs PDF - Page Loading Extremely Slow


I've created a VF page, and when I load w/o the 'renderAs="pdf"', it loads fine.


When I add 'renderAs="pdf"', the browser just spins and takes ages to return.


Why would this be happening?




If it isn't too complicated, can you post the VF code?


It sounds like the issue I have when I have development mode turned on.

Ankit AroraAnkit Arora

Indeed if development mode is on, then it will take time as when you enable the development mode then it fetches the class code and visualforce page code, also if view state is enabled then it will take more time.



Ankit Arora

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Thanks for your responses everyone;  it ended up not liking the html for including an image, so I ended up uploading the image as a Resource and pulling it that way.




If your VisualForce markup includes images, the salesforce PDF renderer makes outbound calls to retrieve those images.  If the image is inaccessible to salesforce.com servers (i.e. behind a corporate firewall), you can experience problems like you described.