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Removing MultiPicklist Values

Hi ,


I have two panels  which Contains MultiPiclist and Dependent picklist and Input Fields. I want to clear all fileds if the user goes to another panel.

I m calling a javascript function to clear all fields.

Input fields and picklist becomes null  but problem is with Multiselect . Its Selected value are not null.It displayes previous selected values in selected area.


How can i empty Multipicklist





Can you please post the code?


Multi-select is a list of values separated by a semi-colon. Hope this might help you get some logic for the code.


Find below a sample code to deselect the selected multiselect values using javascript:


                   var selectList = document.getElementById('{!$Component.PageId:FormId:pageBlockId:MulSelectedList}');

                   var selectOptions = selectList.getElementsByTagName('option');

                                for(var i = 1; i < selectOptions.length; i++)


                                                var opt = selectOptions[i];



                                                                selectList.options[i].selected = false;




Hope this helps.