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Custom object level permission and visual force page display mode.

I am using apex managed sharing to share records with users having different profiles with different custom object level permission.

I have created TestStandardUser profile from StandardUser profile. I have given read and edit  access to custom object in custom object  level permission and not given create permission in TestStandardUser. Now Logged in with TestStandardUser profile, and try to open search page(visualforce page) of that custom object . It is displaying only labels of input field tag. I can not enter values in fields and do search on them. 

apex:inputfields are not getting displayed on  visualforce page, when custom object does not have create permission on custom object in salesforce. Even though i have given read and edit access, it is not displaying properly,

Afzal MohammadAfzal Mohammad

Make sure the new user can access the fields. Cross check the field level security. Check if those fields are visible to the user.


Hope that helps.



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Hi Afzal,


Thanks for your reply.


field accessablitiy for profile is already set to editable. all fields are accessible. Still, it is not working properly.






Are all these fields visible for a customer portal user profile? Cross check the visibility by going through the custom field        from setup-> create -> objects -> fields and go to the "view field accessibility".


I met with the same problem

have you resolved? and how??