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Activate first input field in a list

I have to iterate through a List of a custom object and display the datafields as inputfields.


My first field is a Picklist, the second is a Date field.


When it's done, it activates the second field (datefield) in the first dataset (it the shows the calendar under the field). I want to have the focus on the first, the Picklist field.


Is there any way, how I could determin that the first input field is selected?


just put the script in the code  by this you can avoid the defalut loading on the date field






function setFocusOnLoad(){}




after this you can set the focus on the control where ever you want .. 


Thanks for the valueable hint.


But as I said: the focus needs to be on the first input field (picklist), not as automatically selected the second field (date).


With your javascript code, I can take the focus away from the datefield. My problem after that is to find the id of the picklist field and set the focus to it. 

Either I would need to set the id of the picklist field (and only the first entry) to something like 'firstPicklist', or I would put my Id of the dataset into the id of that picklist field - but then the javascript would need to know about the id of the first dataset.


Any idea about this problem?


try this


<apex:page standardController="Auto__c"> <script>function setFocusOnLoad() {} </script> <apex:form > <apex:pageBlock > <apex:inputField id="ipid" value="{!Auto__c.Naming__c}"/> <script> var ipid = document.getElementById('{!$component.ipid}'); </script> <apex:inputField value="{!Auto__c.Date__c}"/> </apex:pageBlock> </apex:form> <script> ipid.focus(); </script> 



Thank you for your advice.


But my problem is that I have to iterate through a list (somehow like massedit) and build lines of input fields for each dataset.


So, I need to identify the first field (top left) field in this table to be able to set the correct focus.


Any ideas on that?